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Iberica AG - the second biggest producer of die cutting machines

Iberica AG - the second biggest producer of die cutting machines

Iberica AG - the second biggest producer of die cutting machines

The sense of commitment- official information from IBERICA AG

From the date of its foundation, 1st of January, 1940 until today,  ИБЕРИКА АГ  has been dedicated for 75 years to the production of machinery for the printing and packaging industry.

Today, nevertheless, we will emphasise the role that IBERICA AG performs in this sector and its contribution since 1965, when the first automatic platen press for cutting and creasing was installed. To date and especially the last twenty years our company has greatly increased its presence at a world-wide level. IBERICA AG has always tried to offer to their clients a product in which the value between quality and price will always be the best possible and moreover, offering an after-sales service with a quick response at a reasonable price.

We have achieved our main objective by increasing our export share from 65% to 95% during these years. To establish reasons for this excellent result, we have to go back some years, when we first introduced our model 105 in the market with its alternative standard and blanking unit versions. We can proudly confirm that to date, approximately 1.200 machines are installed; of which 450 of our model 105's are running at optimum output all over the world, being purchased by small and large companies and groups. Our customers have trusted in the quality of our product by acquiring two, three even eight models 105 for the same plant.

In September of 1999 GRUPPO CERUTTI, one of the most important producers of machinery for the Printing and Packaging Industry in the world, acquired IBERICA AG. It was a special time when there was fierce competition internationally. This new situation, following our upward trend, represented for IBERICA AG a huge contribution at an economic and technological level. Moreover it has allowed the launching of new products, such as our model IBERICA SRK-144 equipped with blanking unit and now we can present our new generation of 105 machines; the standard one called Optima 105 or Optima K 105 with blanking unit or the high technology machines Speed 105 and Speed K 105 with blanking unit with more than 50 units working all over the world in countries like France, Germany, Italy, United States, England, Australia, Mexico, Chile,...

The new version of our Automatic Platen Presses in format 104 x 144, the standard unit SR-144 II and the blanking unit SRK-144 II both units equipped with the latest mechanical technology completes the range of IBERICA AG products.

To date, our company is placed among the best technologically. And we are also proud to be the second largest manufacturers of cutting and creasing machines in the world by sales

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hristo Petrov - our official representative for Bulgaria in case you have further enquiries.


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