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Блог за печатарски машини и оборудване - Графотрейд

Принт Гайд

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The printing company Clasen in Dusseldorf / Germany demonstrates its enthusiasm for football also with its latest investment in the field of print finishing

Graphotrade- in service of our clients for taking the desired printing equipment

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Graphotrade- solutions in accordance with your printing needs!

MB Bäuerle - leading manufacturer of specialized folding machines- VIDEO DEMO CENTER

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Видео демонстрации на различни видове сгъвачни машини и специализирано полиграфско оборудване на МБ Бойерле
Заместник-министър Петров бе гост на среща на Съюза на печатарската индустрия в България
MB BäuerleFor more than 60 years, MB Bäuerle has concentrated on developing and manufacturing machines for post-press paper handling. Today the main focus is placed on automated folding and inserting systems. Automated folding machines are very appropriate for pharmacy industry printers, where it is very important to make small folds. Our minimum fold in one of our models is up to 1,8 cm ! In case you need further information you may conta
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